Did you know there is such a thing as Thinking Out Loud Thursday?  Well…I have a lot to say today…or think out loud.  I’m 3 weeks out from my show and a.m. cardio is basically putting one foot in front of the other this week

My registration, etc. must be postmarked tomorrow…so today I look for my birth certificate as I must include a copy…but I can’t find it.  What?  Who am I?  I’m really organized–there is even a file that says “Birth Certificates”.  I have my son’s, my ex-husband’s but can’t find mine.  While looking for it I also found a gift card–an expired one. . .

At work trying to be positive and not do anything I’m going to regret later (eat chocolate?).

I’m going to attempt my first link up to TOL…maybe someone will read this blog besides the guy who helped me create it 😀

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