Aliens, eggs and body fat

Happy Friday!  I really need to do some work to this blog.  It IS kind of ugly, but I can still write so…here we are.

Have you seen the movie Alien?  Probably.  I live under a rock when it comes to a lot of movies.  I went to the wellness center for my errrrrrrrr not so monthly BodPod (I don’t like to go in off season although I really should).  Apparently, these things look similar to the…eggs?  In the movie?  Well I was not happy with this egg today.  Bodybuilding is a LOT of numbers and I LOVE numbers.  Is your body fat important?  NO.  But it is still a number and since I have access to this, I like to chart trends.  Let’s just say I hope this trend is now going down since this is officially prep time! :O

I’m also aware that many people think these tests are highly inaccurate.  So be it.  As long as I have a number to start with, and each month that number goes down, I feel like I am on the right track.  Have you had your body fat tested?  I’d love to do one of those fancy underwater ones!


After my visit I went to visit my dear friend Bill at MaxMuscle, Fayetteville.  Bill has sponsored me for the last few years and I am forever grateful.  I now have one of their new proteins–Salted Caramel and it is amazing!  It tastes great by itself but I’m going to get creative in the kitchen this weekend so stay tuned for a recipe!  What is your favorite protein?  If you are local, stop and see Bill and tell him I sent you–he will let you try anything you want before buying!


I hope you have a great weekend and return to follow my journey!



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