Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud


What exactly is #thinkingoutloud Thursday?

For those who love to write, sometimes the words just don’t come.  But thinking out loud–admit it, you do it too :P–has no structure and is just writing about whatever it is that comes to mind that day, or maybe yesterday, letting the stream of consciousness flow, if you will.

So, I am borrowing some topics from Amanda, the host to this link up to see what I can come up with…and it’s a great way to maybe get to know me a little better if you are a new reader–in my mind, I have readers–don’t laugh at my dreams!

Current book:

Of course I’m reading a Nicholas Spark–“The Lucky One”.  I’m a hopeless romantic and if it involves the military and takes place right here on the North Carolina coast, I’m in!  BUT, I also have some more mmmmmm educational things I need to read.  I’m a fitness nerd but even some of this stuff gets a little dry:


Periodization.pngA necessary evil in the world of personal training continuing education.

I also have the opportunity to review some other nutrition related books.  Callisto Publishing has sent me this:



And I have another on the way!

Current music:

Halsey.  This is new for me but it has been on my Pandora and of course the more you give thumbs up, the more it plays.

Current drink:

Water.  Always water, HOWEVER, I have been on a iced Americano/iced coffee kick.  And not in a good way…hello STARBUCKS, goodbye $ ha!  But I actually bought some and made my own!  It is soooooooooo good!


And I’m mixing it with this:

choc coco.png

Current food:

I’m dieting so I want ALL the food but lately, protein pancakes.  A lot of them-simple ones too.

Prot pcake.png

I am the protein pancake master ha!

Current obsession:

See current drink above 😀

Current craving:

Peanut butter.  What else is new?

Current procrastination:

Writing.  I have two assignments due and I got…nothing.  Womp womp.

As always, feel free to comment!






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