Happy Monday!

Good morning and OMGosh can you believe it is almost September! It definitely felt like September this morning. I arrived at the gym for cardio at 0500 to find THREE fire trucks in the gym parking lot. No idea what was going on. The let me on my stairmaster and that’s all that mattered to me :D. I would have been hella made if I got up at 0430 and couldn’t get it in! So, that leads me to … a quick contest prep update. I anticipated writing more about this journey and well, like most, I have a kid, a house and a full-time job and sometimes life just gets in the way! I was out of town visiting the Great Smoky Mountains weekend before last so coming home and going straight back to work just leaves you feeling like you are waaaay behind the power curve. I’m all caught up now and planning to post a little “fun” about my trip this week too.

So I am now 12 weeks out. Doesn’t seem possible that November will be here in 12 weeks. To some, that sounds like a long time. To me and this process, that isn’t long at all! Things have been going well–so well I even got a cheat meal! Five Guys burger and fries never tasted so good! Unfortunately, I still struggle with the mentality that “cheating” is wrong and woke up the next morning up 3lbs (can you say holy sodium in those fries Batman!). So, I kills the cardio, drink ALL the water, get back to plan and BOOM—next day, extra weight gone. PHEW. So a few changes have been made to my macros and cardio. Yes, I use flexible dieting (you can e-mail if you are interested in knowing more). Which reminds me I have another recipe to share!

OK–back to prep. I have been scoping out flights and hotels. This is NOT a cheap hobby. I guess I need to think about a suit…so many choices! Maybe next week I’ll share progress pics. MAYBE.

I have a great week planned and hope you do too.


3 thoughts on “Happy Monday!

    1. I will…last year I couldn’t find one close enough and you don’t want to rent a car in that crazy Miami traffic! I actually just had my first experience with them (airbnb) a few weeks ago and it was FABULOUS!

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