Thursdays are for Thinking Out Loud

Hi!!!!!!!!  It’s Thursday and I’ve had my clothes off twice before noon today.  I’d say it has been a good day!  HA, not for the reasons all of you are thinking!!!!!!! 😛

Started off my day with day with my body fat testing in the BodPod.  I wrote about this once before >here.  Let’s just say it went a little better.  I’m still feeling WAY behind but this is normal.  Check-ins with my coach are tomorrow and I’m thinking I may have a carbless, cardioful weekend 😦  That’s ok.. Whatever it takes, right?

Round #2 (clothes off) Off to a visit to my dermatologist who I see once a year–because I’m a pasty white Irish girl with TONS of freckles! Unfortunately, this did not go as well as I had hoped. Had a few things cut out of my back and sent off to the lab. Pray for me ya’ll! Two years ago I had to have some treatments that were not fun, expensive, and threw me into a bit of a depression. Hoping for a better outcome this time!  If you have spent any time doing bad things to your skin (tanning bed, sun with no protection, smoking, tons of freckles<<not bad, just a part of life) you should get checked!!!

Took myself on a Starbucks date because that always makes me feel better! I was also featured on an Instagram page which was kind of cool. Check it out here! Give me a follow while you are over there @consistentfitnesslife too!

In other news………I made brownies!!!!!!!

Don’t get too excited.  They were a BIG FAT FAIL!  DRY AF!  Have to share the failures as much as the success stories, right?

Although I’m in prep, I also booked a photo shoot.  I’m excited.  I haven’t done much lately and this is going to be at a park…hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can do a fall theme–complete with cowgirl boots, flannel and denim cutoffs 😉

Today feels like Friday.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  And the weekend.  Going to be a busy one for me.  Anyone have any exciting plans???  Tell me something good!

Thank you to Amanda over at Running With Spoons for allowing us to all link up and read some random #TOL


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