Thursdays Are For Thinking Out Loud

lifeWOOHOO it’s Thursday, also known as Friday Eve 🙂  I have a lot of thoughts this week.  I’d like to know yours too…as always, linking up with one of my favorite blogs, Running With Spoons—thank you Amanda!

So the word of the week is impulse.  Ever make impulse buys?  Gosh I normally don’t but this week I’ve made three!  Hoping to be able to review them all and let ya’ll know!  Unfortunately one of them involved self check-out at WalMart where I charged myself three times for one item and didn’t realize it until the next day.  Like do you go back and say really I didn’t purchase nor eat three of these.  Yeah no.

So I was listening to the radio–Bob and Sheri they are my favorite!  So they were discussing 23andMe and  Have you heard of these?  What do you think?  Like finding out you and your sister do not have the same father but your mother has passed so………..I don’t know.  I guess it might be interesting.  Maybe I don’t want to know LOL?

Another thing discussed on the radio was being born on third base and thinking you hit a triple.  I’ve never heard this before.  I thought about it all day ha!

So I’ve only driven one of those fancy push to start (side note–I have a friend with a tattoo of a red dot on his a** that says push to start under it :O) vehicles for about a year.  Huge adjustment for me and damn if some days I don’t pull in the parking lot at work and can’t find my keys.  Well dumbass you drove here!  Anyhoo…

So my views are up on my blog and I’m very excited!  It appears if I write, people read!  Who knew! ?

Ok enough thoughts for today or ya’ll might think I’m crazy and not come back 😀

What do you think about my thoughts?  What are YOUR thoughts?

Have a fantastic day!


6 thoughts on “Thursdays Are For Thinking Out Loud

  1. Hey lovely! Just visiting from Susie. I’ve had a push start for 2 years. I love not having to dig for my keys out of my purse. Mine also has the dial shift which is way harder to get used to. Why do they have to change things?

  2. 😂😂 this was reslly funny… never driven a push start.. omg that tattoo thing though.. lol he must be a stallion! I dont get the third base reference… actually we dont play baseball here… we played ’rounders’ though which I think has pretty much the same concept. Never got the dating reference…maybe you can dedicate a blog about decoding the bases of a relationship and dedicate to me…lol…

    *any typos are due to my stupid phone🙈 and im sure there are a few which I wont realise until I log on to my pc…

  3. I did 23andme and got a lot out of it…. I just wish they hadn’t taken down most of their stuff bc of the government…hopefully it all comes back soon

  4. LOL Well it would be funny if you went back to Walmart and complained about the bone head charging you 3 times. 😂
    I love Bob and Sheri too!! Sheri is so quick! I heard the “born on third base and act like you hit a triple.” Enjoyed your blog!!

  5. So I’ve never heard the quote about being born on third base before. It grabbed my attention and I had to look it up! I found this quote from Barry Switzer: “Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.” Dang if that’s not some truth to chew on! Love all the random ToL you shared! 🙂

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