Week In Review

Good morning and happy Monday!  I love a Monday and a fresh start to a new week!

But first, a recap … and a thank you to Clean Eats Fast Feets for the link up!

So last Monday was a holiday…one in which I am pretty sure I amounted to nothing spectacular.  I did however manage to sneak Five Guys burgers and fries (link just in case you have never heard of this–apparently there are people who haven’t!) into my son’s school for he and a friend.  Yes, sneak.  Apparently, you are not allowed to bring in food from the outside but he says “other moms” do it all the time <

I baked cupcakes.  From a box :O  I can’t remember the last time I did that but damn Betty Crocker knows what’s up!  I will admit the taste was a bit ummmm different?


I finally bought some NuNaturals NuStevia Cocoa Syrup.  ISH IS EXPENSIVE!  I’ve always made protein “fluff” at night and used Walden Farms chocolate syrup (chemical syrup as my son calls it) and I heard lots of good things about this stuff.  First try–I loved it!  Used half the bottle–ok not really LOL.  Second time…meh…not as impressed?  Ever try something and think it’s wonderful and then once you settle down and reallllllly examine it, not so much?  Kind of like them men in my life HAHAHA!  Just kidding 😉

This month’s protein fluff brought to you by Optimum Nutrition: Chocolate Mint.  I never buy mint stuff but needed a change.  Badly.  I loved chocolate cake batter but can no longer find it and the chocolate is just not the same 😦  I also impulse bought this:


Not bad but wouldn’t buy again.  Also ya know if you add a few mini York peppermint patties it’s fantastic!  Not that I would know 😉

I stocked up on some supplements.  I will be curious to see if my use of Citrus Bergamot and Krill Oil have helped my cholesterol.  As good as I eat and exercise, my cholesterol in the in the shitter!  I don’t know of any family issues but I also don’t know my father’s side.  So, I’m just trying to keep up on my good fats and some supplements I have researched and had others give props to.

Follow up on my Skulpt Collagen Peptides I got from my local MaxMuscle.  I said I’d report in after 30 days.  I’m halfway there.  I’m just amazed I’ve remembered to take it every day but one!  If you live in Fayetteville be sure to go over and check it out–tell Bill I sent you!  Oh, I also picked up some more pumpkin spice protein–and made a protein cheesecake.  It is chilling in the fridge as we speak!

I managed to have a good week nutrition wise.  My training however is just MEH.  Or it was until Saturday.  I finally had a fantastic leg workout.  Must have been the extra food on Friday. #Oreosforthewin #don’ttellmycoach  Food IS fuel!!!

I made a trip to Fresh Market.  I wanted one to come to town so bad and I think I have been 3 times.  And they have been open over a year.  Soooo expensive!  But the food…oh and the samples 😉  I bought a few treats but I’ll save those for WIAW so I can try some of them.

I had a few plans for the weekend.  None of which panned out.  It was still a great weekend although I did blow half my macros on Starbucks yesterday!  They had a new frappuccino–Dark Mocha–I love dark and I love mocha!  I did almond milk and no whip and didn’t get the big one (like I usually do) but as I suspected, I got home, looked up the info aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand had chicken and veggies for dinner.  Oh well.  YOLO.  My son got the salted caramel frap with everything and I had a sip…oh my!!!!!!!  Definitely good.

So how was your week?  Any new finds, foods, fun??  Tell me!


2 thoughts on “Week In Review

  1. Haha #oreosforthewin 😛 Glad you had a great leg workout and sounds like a good week overall! I had a lovely week in the mountains, no holiday here (in Norway) but that doesn’t matter so much when I live in the woods 😉

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