Thinking Out Loud


Hello it’s Thursday!  YAY!  And two more days until my cell phone bill rolls.  GUYS.  My son and I used all of our high-speed data (first time ever).  I think it was my fault.  I noticed my Wi-Fi was off.  Yikes.  My son text me and said we can never do this again.  He said Jesus probably has a better data plan!  I almost spit my coffee out!!!!!!

Speaking of coffee…I just returned from my beloved Starbucks because I just couldn’t resist going outside!  Beautiful 77 and sunny.  Am I old because I always talk about the weather LOL?  Meh.  I don’t care.  Sunshine makes me happy and I’m kinda old! 😀  The trees are finally changing and I just turned my air off ha! #summerforever

You know what else makes me happy?  Grocery shopping.  I love new grocery stores.  I actually look for them when I travel!  Anyone else?  Like drive up and pick up my groceries someone else shopped for?  Hell no!  I’d probably spend less money though.  I’m getting excited–we have a Publix opening in like another week and a Sprouts in January!  CAN NOT WAIT!

I had an article published in a local magazine here that came out yesterday.  I haven’t seen it yet but folks at the gym have.  You know awkwardly pointing at me and telling me they saw it.  Great way to make new friends, right LOL.  I need to find a copy.

So I’m four weeks into my reverse diet and holding steady with my weight and sloooooooooooooowly increasing my calories.  This shit is hard.  I wanted to eat all the Halloween candy!  Did you have any trick or treaters?  I had a handful.  I LOVE Halloween and all the little kids but I have to say I closed my door 20 min. early–some kids need a few lessons in manners!  Seriously, I understand random things come out of little ones mouths but…….anyhoo.  Oh yeah–reverse diet LOL.  I’m also on my own–no more coach.  I’m one of those people who NEED accountability and I think I’ve mentioned before this is when I screw it up.  So far so good.  But let’s be real–I have no one to blame but myself if I don’t do it right.  #toughlove  Anyone else in this boat with me?  I do feel stronger in the gym.  There’s a positive!  And it’s all about being CONSISTENT!

I’m also four weeks into my collagen experiment.  Not sure if you saw my first post but I’m doing a trial for my local MaxMuscle and sponsor on SKULPT.  Check it out–looks like they have 10% off right now too!  It recommends 12 weeks so I picked up another bottle today.  It may be my sticking to my diet and this may be contributing to managing my fat and lean mass.  I’m hoping the next four weeks I look 10 years younger too as it also claims to be anti-aging!  It also helps meet my protein macros–with no fat and no carbs.

So tell me your thoughts on this Thursday and be sure to visit Amanda over at Running With Spoons for all the other randomness!


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud

  1. I LOVE going to the grocery store. It’s become a hobby. I don’t even have to buy anything — just looking around gives me the thrill. I especially love ethnic grocery stores in other states. So much fun, it’s practically like being in Korea or something. 🙂 I absolutely love your picture on your banner. That’s an amazing shot!!

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