Week In Review

Gooood morning!  It’s Monday!  Linking up with Clean Eats, Fast Feets.  I missed last week so it’s been a while!

How was your Turkey Day?  Has it been that long since we’ve chatted????????? I guess last week was a busy one because now it’s DECEMBER!  How did that happen?  I’m thankful our weather has been rather nice still but the weatherman says prepare…it’s coming!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–reverse dieting is hard!  I’ve had a few bumps in the road…translation: Thanksgiving was awesome 😉  For some unknown reason some people gain, then lose once they get back on the horse.  Well I got right back on but still haven’t gotten back to where I was, despite my 100% consistency!  Sigh…..I need to take progress photos this week–missed last week and the week before I could already see my lines disappearing 😦  It’s part of the process, I know.  Can someone send me a memo on that so I don’t forget?  I’m still doing better than I was last year at this point so there’s the silver lining!

My son and I traveled to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful–from the weather, traffic, time spent with family, food–an excellent time!  I was a little said there was no leftover turkey and cranberry sandwiches at my house 😦  My mom did send us home with some pumpkin pie though!

Last week was a busy one at work.  We are preparing to interview interns for next year and it’s been a little hectic.  This week will be no different.  We did have a quiet weekend at home which is always nice after being out of town.  I baked a cake, made a new recipe (both requested by my son).  They were both…6 out of 10s LOL.  He is currently obsessed with BuzzFeed tasty and watching videos.  The cake looked amazing but the taste just wasn’t there–and why they call it a Loaded Dr. Pepper I have no idea–it tastes nothing like Dr. Pepper and you only use 1/2 cup.  The second recipe was empanadas.  They were ok.  No pictures of that as they were gone kinda quick!  I also made some fantastic healthy muffins…


I will share the recipe this week.

So a lot of baking/cooking which is what I do when I am procrastinating doing other things ha!  I also watched a Netflix series–13 Reasons Why.  I never watch TV and I’m not sure why I chose this but they way it was written I just kept watching–and it’s short–like my attention span!

I made an exceptional amount of appearances at the gym < go me!

I also tried a whole bunch of new snacks over the last two weeks.  Maybe I will do a  WIAW.

I know I’m looking forward to a whole lot in December–parties, cookie swaps, going home and just the holiday feel in general!  We have decided no to put a tree up since we will be leaving on the 19th…I’m both relieved and sad.  I did however pull out a wreath and snowman because I can’t be a total scrooge!  Hope you are all off to a wonderful start to December as well!


Week In Review

IG Post Pixistock 3It’s a new week!  YAY!

Last week started off with my son’s birthday–16!  Nah I don’t feel old (insert huuuuuuuuuge eye roll).  He basically got cash & gift cards because what else do teenage boys want?  I paid a ridiculous amount of money for a “gaming” mouse because apparently a regular computer mouse is just not good enough.  I was in a heated battle with Logitech–their customer service SUCKS but the mouse arrived unharmed.

We delayed dinner until Thursday and then hit up our favorite restaurant, Luigi’s.  Their steaks are amazing and so is the risotto!  We then turned dessert into “eat all the leftover Halloween candy”.  Not my wisest decision of the week.


So…a little off the consistent track I had been doing so well on, I redirected on Friday and had a great leg workout.  Only to be derailed again on Saturday.  DAMN!  Girls night out–need I say more?  First drink I’ve had in 4+months.  I am officially a lightweight.  And Pecan Pie M&Ms are the shit!

pecan pie

Since Friday was a holiday, I did however catch up on the laundry nightmare which has already showed its ugly face again this morning when I looked in the basket but I ignored it 🙂  I cleaned my Jeep.  Then it rained this morning.  HA!  It was actually the inside that needed it more than the outside so I’m not mad.  Kolby did drop a tomato out of his sub yesterday and I told him when we stopped he was going to find it and he was going to eat it!  It’s still under the seat :\

I am mad at Starbucks though!  My password for my app all of the sudden doesn’t work.  But the password (to the same account) works on my desktop when I log in.  Just got off the phone with customer service and she couldn’t fix it either.  I GOT REWARDS TO USE PEOPLE!  In reality I need to cool it with the coffee lately.  I still make my coffee at home in the morning but my afternoon/weekend trips out have increased.

I attempted to visit the new Publix on Saturday for opening day.  I left.  Felt like black Friday.  I returned Sunday night and had a MUCH better experience.  They have lots of goodies I’ve not been able to find anywhere before–I’m EXCITED!  Yes, I love grocery stores.

I meal prepped like a mad woman yesterday.  Made a new chicken cauliflower buffalo dip that I am in love with.  Some muffins that are meh (translation=add peanut butter), some sad looking waffles, and lots of proteins and veggies!

So it looks like I didn’t do much in the past week at all except hang out with my kid for his birthday, eat, get some much needed girl time, eat, and do a few chores—I call that a GREAT week!  Don’t forget to head over to Clean Eats, Fast Feets and find out what everyone is up to there!

How was your week?


Pumpkin Apple Muffins

mufI guess you could call these Apple Pumpkin muffins. I can’t decide if they are more apple…or pumpkin. Either way, they are pretty tasty and full of good for you stuff! They even got rave reviews over at my local MaxMuscle!

I added a little MaxPro Elite Pumpkin Spice protein.  Not too much as I was worried they would be dry and no body likes a dry muffin—MOIST is what we want 😀  But I did want to give them a bit of a protein boost.

Let me know if you try them (or any variation–you could leave the protein out if you want) and be sure to #consistentfitnesslife on Instagram<<that’s me come give me a follow!

Makes 12

40g Oat Flour (I used Bob’s Red Mill)

24g coconut flour (I use Let’s Do Organic)

110g Truvia baking blend (Truvia)

21g Organic chia seeds (Chia seeds)

6 tbsp. Muscle Egg Pumpkin Spice liquid egg whites (you could use regular)

212g pure pumpkin (I use good ole Libby’s–not pie filling)

1/2 cup unsweetened cashew milk (any milk would work)

1 medium apple, chopped

1 serving MaxPro Elite Pumpkin Spice protein

Mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately then combine and bake!  Mine made 12 and I baked for about 18min. @375.

Macros: 88calories, 1g fat, 15g carbs, 2g fiber and 5g protein

P.S. I was supposed to remember to include measurements other than grams for those of you who don’t use grams or don’t weigh (it is the most accurate way but not everyone tracks macros or has a food scale).  I forgot–I’m sorry–next time!


Week In Review


So let’s do this backwards.  At the end of the week I received word that the article I wrote for a local magazine, Women’s View, had been published!!!!!!  Just a small article mostly about the importance of nutrition but nonetheless, it’s out there and I’ve already had people stop me and mention it!  Huge thank you to Bill Porter at MaxMuscle for making this possible!  Also thank you to Rico Allende Photography and Sean Nelson Photo!  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about nutrition or training–I’d love to help!

I started this past week off hopefully planning a trip.  My son’s school is planning a trip to Italy and Greece in the summer of 2018 and parents are invited.  SHOCKINGLY, my son said he wouldn’t want to go without me!  However, we’ve been discussing some other options and may hold off until the summer 2019 school trip which is England, France and Spain and I’d definitely do that too.  I want him to have experiences and memories so I’m willing to sacrifice and spend on those things rather than material things.  We did book our trip to Vermont in December which he is very excited about and all I can think is brrrrrrrrr I’m probably going to die LOL.  Possibly a road trip to Tennessee for Thanksgiving too!

We spent our Saturday downtown at the Veteran’s Day Parade which Kolby marched in.  So proud of those kids–they do a great job.  Love the community support and participation too.

We also made a trip to Cold Stone.  Kolby’s birthday is Tuesday and it’s a yearly tradition.  Only because we don’t have a Ben & Jerry’s close by.  I’ve always been super impressed but this time…meh.  My cup wasn’t even full–I know oink oink 😀 and the bits of candy–like two–okay maybe three…It was still good and he was happy which makes me happy.

Not a lot to report but still a good week–how was your week?  Be sure to check out Ave–I mean Meghan–over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets–I really do love me some Ave though!

Thinking Out Loud


Hello it’s Thursday!  YAY!  And two more days until my cell phone bill rolls.  GUYS.  My son and I used all of our high-speed data (first time ever).  I think it was my fault.  I noticed my Wi-Fi was off.  Yikes.  My son text me and said we can never do this again.  He said Jesus probably has a better data plan!  I almost spit my coffee out!!!!!!

Speaking of coffee…I just returned from my beloved Starbucks because I just couldn’t resist going outside!  Beautiful 77 and sunny.  Am I old because I always talk about the weather LOL?  Meh.  I don’t care.  Sunshine makes me happy and I’m kinda old! 😀  The trees are finally changing and I just turned my air off ha! #summerforever

You know what else makes me happy?  Grocery shopping.  I love new grocery stores.  I actually look for them when I travel!  Anyone else?  Like drive up and pick up my groceries someone else shopped for?  Hell no!  I’d probably spend less money though.  I’m getting excited–we have a Publix opening in like another week and a Sprouts in January!  CAN NOT WAIT!

I had an article published in a local magazine here that came out yesterday.  I haven’t seen it yet but folks at the gym have.  You know awkwardly pointing at me and telling me they saw it.  Great way to make new friends, right LOL.  I need to find a copy.

So I’m four weeks into my reverse diet and holding steady with my weight and sloooooooooooooowly increasing my calories.  This shit is hard.  I wanted to eat all the Halloween candy!  Did you have any trick or treaters?  I had a handful.  I LOVE Halloween and all the little kids but I have to say I closed my door 20 min. early–some kids need a few lessons in manners!  Seriously, I understand random things come out of little ones mouths but…….anyhoo.  Oh yeah–reverse diet LOL.  I’m also on my own–no more coach.  I’m one of those people who NEED accountability and I think I’ve mentioned before this is when I screw it up.  So far so good.  But let’s be real–I have no one to blame but myself if I don’t do it right.  #toughlove  Anyone else in this boat with me?  I do feel stronger in the gym.  There’s a positive!  And it’s all about being CONSISTENT!

I’m also four weeks into my collagen experiment.  Not sure if you saw my first post but I’m doing a trial for my local MaxMuscle and sponsor on SKULPT.  Check it out–looks like they have 10% off right now too!  It recommends 12 weeks so I picked up another bottle today.  It may be my sticking to my diet and this may be contributing to managing my fat and lean mass.  I’m hoping the next four weeks I look 10 years younger too as it also claims to be anti-aging!  It also helps meet my protein macros–with no fat and no carbs.

So tell me your thoughts on this Thursday and be sure to visit Amanda over at Running With Spoons for all the other randomness!


Easy Apple Cider Muffins

So after the first batch of these being a disaster, my second batch was perfect!  They are easy, full of good stuff and not little bricks haha!  Just get out your blender or food processor and add:

185g oats   I get my custom oats from True Nutrition–check out the link!

50g brown sugar

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1 cup apple cider

66g apple butter (you can use applesauce too)

1tsp vanilla

That’s it!  Blend and bake for about 16 minutes.  I got 8 muffins.  Great pre-workout snack with a yummy MaxMuscle Pumpkin Spice protein shake!  Talk about fall ya’ll!

Macros: Calories: 144 Fat: 2 Carbs: 31 Fiber: 3 Protein: 3

Week in Review and a REDO!

appleHello and Happy Monday!  It’s freakin cold!  Thank goodness for seat warmers 😀  I’m always inspired to write after visiting Clean Eats, Fast Feets so once again, joining for the Week In Review link up!

Last week seemed long to me, however, I read several other people’s statements about how quickly it went by.

I left you last week with my kitchen and recipe disaster but I’m happy to report I gave it another shot this weekend and the result–fantastic for such a small amount of ingredients!  I have some cherry juice that needs using up and I may give that a whirl too!  I will post the recipe under the FOOD tab so be sure to come back and check if you want a quick and relatively healthy apple cider muffin recipe.  I have an apple cider donut recipe in the works too! Oh and my oats were custom made and had sprinkles which is why there is a touch of color!

So last week was busy at work, doctor appointments, hair appointments  and finally a quiet weekend at home.  I spent a lot of the weekend in food prep mode to include, but not limited to: curry chicken, prepped a pork loin that I will throw in the oven probably tomorrow, marinating some skinny hot chicken–one of my kiddo’s favorites, baked some delicata squash<anyone eat this?  I’ve been hearing great things.  Excited to have some post-workout tonight!

I also tested out some “new to me” things…Blue Diamond Pumpkin Spice Almonds, Man Dip (some buffalo chicken dip my kiddo picked out–tasty!) and White fudge covered Oreos<<<<< where have these been all my life?  Seriously.

Halloween tomorrow.  I love Halloween–not LOVE like some people…I think my favorite part is all the little ones that come to my house although those numbers dwindle every year 😦  OH and candy!  I wanted to buy the big bag of stuff I don’t like…then I saw a meme about being cheap LOL!  So I bought the good stuff and if there’s any leftovers, I’ll bring it to work 😉  RIGHT………. I may get my 50something dollars out of that Teletubbie costume I bought for my son a little while back and wear it to work.  He says I should definitely do it–can you see me rolling up to Ft. Bragg’s gate guard with that on LOL.  I think I might.

Ok I’ve rambled enough about my week—how was yours??